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A fully automated system; recovering almost all of the helium from the customer’s process; saving upward of 95% of helium costs.

For 40 years, Quantum Technology Corp. has specialized in engineer-to-order cryogenic and noble gas equipment for laboratories, research centers and companies globally. Quantum Technology effectively recovers helium from customer processes, to purify and reduce waste with advanced recycling technology.

Recently Quantum Technology provided a customized, turn-key system to a United States Army Laboratory site. The fully automated system integrates with the customers’ metal processing setup by recovering, purifying then re-injecting virtually all the helium on site. In addition to recovering and purifying the helium, the system uses an integrated nitrogen liquefier producing nitrogen for the process.

The USA Lab requested a plug-and-play system. In order to achieve this, Quantum Technology’s team of designers and engineers produced a neat, single-skid system that seamlessly connected to the customers process in a matter of days. You can see the single skid system ready to ship out of the Quantum Technology facility in this video.

Quantum Technology is the recipient of the prestigious ASM International Award in 2020. ASM is the world’s largest association of materials-centric engineers and scientists.

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