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For 40 years we have been manufacturing premium Helium and Hydrogen liquefaction units, recovery systems and He production plants. We produce standard and custom solutions for any gas recovery, separation, purification and liquefaction.

Discover Our Catalogue Of Helium, Hydrogen and Speciality Gases Products.

Welcome to Quantum Technology’s Product Catalogue! Discover our advanced helium and hydrogen liquefaction units, recovery systems, and custom cryogenic solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

With over 40 years of experience, we offer innovative, cost-effective technologies for gas recovery, purification, and liquefaction. Explore how our proprietary systems can save you up to 95% on helium costs and enhance your operational efficiency. Download our catalogue now to learn more.

Quantum Technology Catalogue of Products


Quantum presents a Total Helium Solution, catering to your needs, whether you’re buying, selling, or recovering Helium. Our solutions empower you to save costs and achieve independence from market fluctuations and suppliers.

Recovery and Purification Systems

Our series of QuantumPURE purification systems are designed to run safely and autonomously. You can purify moored airships overnight, secure in the knowledge that the system will operate without intervention and oversight. This allows recovery of lift and minimizes make-up Helium needs.


The QuantumPURE system can be thought of as a powered filter. Impure helium is drawn from the airship, compressed, purged of contaminants and returned to the airship via a dedicated fill-line. Contaminant vapours and liquids are ejected safely from the system.


An optimized design to fit your operation needs and minimize costs


Simple to use, designed for one-person operation

Easily transported, can be skid or trailer mounted

All valves and seals are field-replaceable

Helium compressor can be electric or diesel powered
Venting of air and water with a minimal loss of Helium

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Helium Liquefiers

We use state of the art, proprietary technology to liquefy helium at 20 litres per day upward of 250 litres per hour. Our custom solutions are designed to suit your specific requirements and include all aspects; N2 liquefiers, automated setup, purifiers, compressors, valves, piping, and more.

We also provide full turn-key systems that recover and purify helium. Our customers see significant helium cost savings upward of 95% when using our full recovery, purification and liquefaction systems.

Helium Production Plants at Well-Head

Unique/Limited Time Helium Equipment Opportunities

Please contact us for any custom/unusual cryo needs. The more atypical – the better.

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Benefit from our extensive expertise in Hydrogen liquefaction, purification, and research, positioning us as your premier partner for all things Hydrogen-related. We collaborate closely with clients to craft tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Connect with us today to discuss and address your hydrogen requirements!

Green Hydrogen Purifiers and Liquefiers

As the world enters a new phase of renewable and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, green hydrogen is foreseeably a cost effective and scalable solution. Our decades of experience in gas (including hydrogen) purification and liquefaction, have allowed us to make this scale up in our business seamless.

We are excited to provide hydrogen liquefaction and purification solutions on a small and large scale to our global customers. Hydrogen liquefiers up to 15tons/day, based on hydrogen or helium cycle Liquefiers as well as hydrogen purifiers up to 15tons/day, to remove impurities from the raw hydrogen, before the liquefaction process.

Brochure – 20 litres per day hydrogen liquefier.

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Hydrogen Liquefaction

Hydrogen liquefiers up to 1500 kg/day, based on cold head technology with the target of up to 10 tons per day.

Hydrogen Production: (maybe) – expertise focus.

Quantum Technology develops small-to-large hydrogen production plants, from kg/day to multiple tons/day units.

Hydrogen Purification

QTC has expertise in purifiying hydrogen; custom order; purifying hydrogen at various levels up to fuel cell grade.

Cryo Diffusion

Cryo Diffusion brings the advanced world of cryogenics directly to your fingertips. Specializing in high-end cryogenic equipment, our comprehensive range caters to a variety of specialized sectors, including particle accelerators and scientific laboratories. Cryo Diffusion offers a comprehensive range of cryogenic equipment including versatile cryostats, vacuum insulated pipes, and valves for liquid helium. Our portfolio also features helium dewars and transfer hoses for labs and NMR applications, as well as complete setups for helium liquefaction plants. Advancing into hydrogen storage, we provide custom solutions with hydrogen tanks and insulated pipes. Trust Cryo Diffusion to elevate your projects with our advanced cryogenics expertise, ensuring quality and efficiency.





 Transportable Tanks

Transportable Tanks

Gas generators

Gas generators

Vacuum line

Vacuum line



Other Services

As specialists in noble gases and hydrogen, whether it’s neon, argon, helium, or other valuable gases, we have tailored solutions for you. Rely on our extensive years of experience and expertise to navigate even the most complex challenges.

Industrial Systems

QuantumPure(TM) Recovery/Purification Systems for Cold-Spray Systems – please review the economical analysis for Cold-Spray Systems brochure detailing the economical benefits of the QuantumPure system

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Nitrogen Liquefiers

We offer a wide range of N2 liquefiers with liquefaction capacities between 10 to 1000 litres per day, or larger customized sizes. Our liquefiers use advanced mixed refrigerants (MR) in a Joule-Thompson (JT) refrigerator system.

Compared with traditional cold heads and Stirling cryocoolers, the MR-JT systems have higher liquefaction efficiency and improved reliability.

Brochure – 20-2,500 liters/day nitrogen liquefiers

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Methane Purification Technology

Using revolutionary molecular sieves, Quantum Technology proposes methane
purification systems from low-methane content natural gas or waste gas.


View our range of compressors for air and nitrogen applications online. For helium compressor purchases, please contact us directly.


We are here to support through every aspect of the process and all size projects.


No matter your location, we have a global team of engineers and electrical technicians capable of installing your system.


We are experts in this business. Your system will likely need routine maintenance and parts change. We provide options for on-site servicing or off-site support.


We continue to support our customers as they need it. Call or email us with your inquiries.


Our team of professionals have extensive experience guiding our full-service clients through start to end processes as well as customers engaging us in consulting-only type projects.


You tell us what you need, the parameters you are working with, and leave the rest to us.


From a 20LPD recovery and purification system to a nation-wide hydrogen infrastructure system, we build, test and deliver to specification.

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